Other facts about Tresiba®1:

Injected subcutaneously once daily and, for adults, at any time of day

  • Instruct adult patients who miss a dose of Tresiba® to inject their daily dose during waking hours upon discovering the missed dose, then continue with their regular dosing schedule
  • Tresiba® must be dosed at the same time each day for pediatric patients. Instruct pediatric patients who miss a dose of Tresiba® to contact their health care provider for guidance and to monitor blood glucose levels more frequently until the next scheduled dose
  • Instruct adult patients to ensure that at least 8 hours have elapsed between consecutive Tresiba® injections

The recommended time between dose increases is 3 to 4 days

  • No dose conversion needed

Opened (in-use) Tresiba® can be kept at room temperature (below 86°F), away from direct heat and light, or refrigerated (36°F to 46°F) for 56 days (8 weeks)

  • The dose window for the Tresiba® FlexTouch® U-100 and U-200 pens shows the number of units to be delivered
  • The vial offers an option for patients who prefer vials or children who require fewer than 5 units a day