Novo Nordisk has the best formulary coverage in the basal category

Of Novo Nordisk’s basal insulins, Tresiba® has ~82.2% national formulary coverage (commercial and Medicare Part D combined) and is covered nationwide on the majority of Medicare Part D plans.1,a-c Use the formulary tool to check coverage in your area.

Find out exactly which plans in your area include Tresiba®. Formulary status is believed to be accurate at the time of update but cannot be guaranteed.

aFormulary status subject to change. This information should not be used to make efficacy or safety comparisons between or among mentioned products.
bFormulary data are provided by Fingertip Formulary® and are current as of August 2020.
cMedicare Part D data are on file with Novo Nordisk and are current as of August 2020.

What can patients expect to pay for Tresiba®?

Commercially ins­ured patients


Patients can get or activate their savings card at

Medicare Part D patients

  • Nearly 50% of Part D Tresiba® patients receive Low-Income Subsidy or Extra Help benefits2
  • Average Medicare co-pays for Tresiba® are comparable with other branded basal insulins2,f

dResults based on average monthly patient out-of-pocket cost for Tresiba® 12-month rolling period from IQVIA LAAD, July 2020. Excludes cash-paying patients.
eEligibility and other restrictions apply. 
fOther branded basal insulins include Basaglar®, Lantus®, Levemir®, and Toujeo®.

See all the insulin affordability offerings at, including the Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program (PAP), which offers Tresiba® at no cost to those who qualify for up to a yearg

gFull patient eligibility requirements can be found at