Video Library

The video library for NovoMedLink™ provides physicians with a wealth of engaging and educational video resources that can be streamed or shared with colleagues or patients.

Featured Videos

Injectables in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: A Guide to Overcoming Patient Concerns (9:54)

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The importance of PPG control as related to A1C (2:48)

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Differentiating the DPP-4 Enzyme From Native GLP-1 (6:41)

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Disease Progression in Type 2 Diabetes (4:09)

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Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of Action (MOA) videos for diabetes products.


Product Backgrounders

Brief video descriptions about products within the diabetes portfolio.


Diabetes in the Community

Videos to help increase multicultural awareness in your practice.


Diabetes Talking Points

Educational videos to help support treatment discussions with your patients with diabetes.